About Cape Cod Baby Company

Welcome to CaPe Cod Baby ComPany.  Our premium beach themed clothing portrays whimsical designs inspired by where we live and where we love…Cape Cod.

We are two local Moms with humble beginnings.  As we started families of our own, CaPe Cod Baby ComPany was born.  We wanted our clothing to be special, as are our own Cape Cod babies!  We started by creating infant clothing offering special meaning to families whom have connections to Cape Cod.

Our Baby Capewear collection consists of babysuits, bibs, short and long sleeve T shirts, dresses, and sweatshirts. Some of our most popular designs are the “Little Steamer” and “One in a Million” Blue Lobster.

CaPe Cod Kid ComPany was born out of the simple fact that our beach babies were growing up. The Kids Capewear collection consists of short and long sleeve T shirts, dresses, and sweatshirts.  For big kids some of the designs we offer are our Great White Shark, Surfboard, and Cape Cod Wave designs.

We are proud to offer a product that is of exceptional quality with fun and unique designs.  Thank You for your interest in our product!  We hope to see your babies and kids sporting our CCBC and CCKC clothing for many years to come.

Contact us anytime at info@capecodbabycompany.com

With Appreciation,
Diane and Ellen